Advanced WWSR for Canoes

June 1, 2020 @ 8:30 am – June 2, 2020 @ 4:30 pm
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Ken Hughes


AWWSR for Canoes

This is not a BC Course; however a certificate will be issued at the end of the course to confirm you have completed the training.

The BC do not yet have an AWWSR for Canoes. This is not stopping us recognising that there are those of you who paddle on grade 3 in canoes who would like to get some great training in the safety and rescue techniques essential for advanced conditions!

So if you would like to up your game for the grade 3 environment, we can help.

All paddlers are encouraged to consider this excellent course if they paddle canoes on advanced white water, and/or have completed the WWSR Course and would like an extension to that training.

Venue: River Tees or Fort William area



The course takes place on grade 3 water. Candidates should be confident in their ability to paddle on that grade, although portage/lining options will always be available. In addition the course requires some swimming; course participants should be confident swimmers.

The syllabus for this course covers the following:

Using the boat as a rescue platform. V-Hoists, tracking and rafts. There is much less need to be in the water on a line when paddling Canoes.

A broached boat is hard to remove at the best of times. We include a range of technical ropework, but put the emphasis on being clever with its application rather than just applying force.

Stabilising and extricating an entrapped paddler. Preacher-pins, trapped legs and boats folding are all hazards. We look at the essential kit, techniques and outfitting your canoe to deal with these.

Skilful use of the self-rescue/swim-line. Get slick and quick and make self-rescue look cool!

Moving boats around on difficult terrain, in gorges and safely managing the group on steep river banks.

Safe Paddling Strategies. Options for negotiating complex rapids safely and preventing the problem in the first place. The canoe offers options other craft do not; we will maximise these and send you away with a range of useful possibilities.

Casualty management.

Like the AWWSR, we would normally expect you to have completed the standard BCU WWSR, but you are free to chat it through to ascertain how suitable this course is for you and we welcome questions.

We already have 2 of the 6 possible candidates booked.

A little story from a candidate on the last one of these we ran:

“Hi Ken,

Last weekend myself and Mark paddled the tees again. I managed to pin/wrap my boat round the rock at the end of the sloping weir below the lido. After a brief panic and seeing pound sighs before my eyes we put what we had learned into action. After attending your AWWSR course and re evaluating our kit, we both had pulleys, slings and throw lines on our person. We tried straight pull, vector, single pulley and eventually a Z drag which easily shifted the 15ft boat full of camping kit and water from the rock.

It popped back into shape with some creases to show how much it had wrapped.

Without your course the boat would still be there today, as it was impossible to shift with just a rope which would have been the case a year ago. There is nothing like the real thing to put skills into action.

So thanks again for the course as without it I would be boatless and angry with myself for not attending a course sooner. I will heartily recommend your courses to everyone I meet who asks about the creases in my boat

Feel free to use this mail or any portion of on any comments sections you have on websites

Yours gratefully, Andy.”


Please email for details

Best wishes and safe paddling,


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