British Canoeing White Water Leader Training (formerly 4 Star) C1/OC1 and White Water Kayak

June 15, 2020 – June 18, 2020 all-day
Lageonan Rd
Grandtully, Pitlochry PH9 0PL
Ken Hughes



Are you wanting to lead others? Would you like the very best training to prepare you for an assessment? We can do that for you. We will cover the critical leadership skills and make the link between your personal skills and the requirements of the award. You will leave the course a better leader and paddler with a clear action plan for further improvement. Not sure whether you are ready; try our Foundation Canoe Skills Course where we can raise your skill level to the necessary standard.

What can you expect from our White Water Leader Courses?

A wide range of leadership strategies to offer you all the tools you need to keep a group safe on the river. You get the chance to practice and get expert feedback throughout your training. A decision making model on which to build your leadership skills. A key focus on making the connection between your personal skills and leadership.

To this end we will build on your foundations to raise your performance in simple boofing, surfing waves, side-surfing friendly stoppers, driving your boat, tactical understanding, using river features and paddling simple sections on grade 3.

All of our candidates leave us with a greater skills level. Excellent venues and rivers. We have the very best venues for these courses and our selection is carefully managed to ensure you develop both as a leader and paddler.


This course will be based on the Tay, Tummel and general area.


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