British Canoeing Advanced Canoe Personal Performance Award

June 5, 2019 @ 3:02 pm – June 8, 2019 @ 4:02 pm
Fort William
Fort William PH33 6SG
Ken Hughes


High Performance Canoeing

This is for Canoeists who would like to raise their game, improve their skills and paddle some of the most challenging grade 3 rivers and windy open water in the area.

This will include Training and Assessment towards the new British Canoeing Advanced Canoe Performance Award



Good Grade 2 White Water  and windy open water experience. All your own paddling kit. This is for Traditional Canoes not OC1.



Course Element Outline Sample Programme (all is water dependant)


Pre-Course Prep aration We provide a range of materials and preparatory work so you can maximise your learning experience during the course. Previous candidates have been very enthusiastic about the value and extended learning opportunity.
Day 1 Developing Core White Water Skills We will select a venue that allows us to explore the key foundation skills necessary for successful white water paddling.


Working with an active edge, acceleration, power generation, power transfer, dynamic changes of edge and direction, glide-phase principles, edge stability, trim for performance and Cross deck options. We will strip back your technique to build new foundations.

Day 2 Applied Skills Development


A river that suits the application of learning from day 1. Perhaps the Garry, if it is running.


Strategies, safety, challenging moves, sequencing moves.

Day 3 Open Water Skills Development Do you ever look at open water in windy conditions and wish you could see the wind as your friend? Our aim is to make sure you develop the skills to enjoy the wind.

We will look at strategies for coping in the wind, decision making, solo sailing, understanding the nature of the open water environment and group awareness.

Day 4 The Let’s go Steeper Day Somewhere perhaps canoes do not very often go!


It all builds up to this. Not just a run down, but a coaching day that offers style as well as excitement, key tactics and great photos.


The Lower Tummel fits the bill here!


Post Course Development Day


Feedback and Advice

This is a shorter day that offers a number of options. We will discuss this during the previous day and it allows us to specifically target areas of development not yet covered on the programme.


Course De-brief. Off the water for 1400 to discuss how great we have all been and discuss future adventures.


Feedback is offered for each candidate so you can reflect and further self-develop your paddling.


Should you want advice on your paddling we are available to offer assistance. You buy into one of our courses and you get the on-going support.


Equipment: If you are paddling regularly and have experience of G3 and windy conditions, the likelihood is that you know what to bring. If in doubt, please ask for a kit list.


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