Personal Performance


      Who does performance boating courses better than we do?

    We have an outstanding reputation for delivering safe, enjoyable learning that’s tailored to clients aspirations and which meets clients technical, tactical, physiological and psychological needs.
    Clients find we lay down foundations for more successful boating, and leave us with an action plan for more successful boating!
    We work on all stages of skill acquisition:

    • Cognitive – From “I think I get it” to genuinely “getting it”;
    • Associative – Where things work if thought about, or if you’re not distracted;
    • Autonomous – When a skill is pretty much taken for granted!

    Of course, our utilisation of coaching processes is exemplary, demonstrating:

    • Diverse coaching styles;
    • Adaptation to preferred learning styles;
    • Expert demonstrations;
    • Observation and analysis rooted in exemplary technical understanding;
    • Judicious use of intrinsic and extrinsic feedback;
    • Appropriate use of blocked, random and variable practice.

    Sound good? If so check out the following dates and get in touch and ask for details!

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