Safety and Rescue

All Safety and Rescue training with Ken Hughes Courses is headed up by a BCU Level 5 Coach, BCU National Trainer and a Mountain Instructor (MIA) who has been running BCU WWSR for more than 10 years and who runs the more courses in England than any other provider.

      It is experience that ensures each and every one of our courses is run to the highest standards. Whether you paddle Canoe, OC1, C1 or white water kayak you are assured the course will be expertly delivered in the context of your chosen discipline.
      Experience counts.

Foundation Safety and Rescue 

      – We’ll teach you simple and safe skills for ensuring your own safety and that of others, and for helping yourself and/or others in difficulty, irrespective of chosen craft.

White Water Safety and Rescue

      – Great fun, and potentially enabling participants make a real difference on the river.  Many people run such courses, but ours is considered among the very best available.

Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue

      – A natural extension to the WWSR Course, with topics including:

      • Technical Rope Work;
      • Safe Paddling Strategies;
      • Steep Ground Safety;
      • Casualty Management;
      • Rescue in Advanced Water Environments.

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